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IMAQ Books is aimed to have 10000+ valuable books (1000+ in each following book series) in next decade;

  1. MAGA & MAYA
  2. Learn the Basics!
  3. 52 Pieces of Knowledge
  4. Psychology and Philosophy 
  5. Biographies & Experiences
  6. Molecular Biology of Diseases
  7. Science, Technology & Entrepreneurship
  8. Motivational, Insporational & Management
  9. Conference/Seminar Books
  10. Audiobooks & Podcasts

Featured Books

Books you should read before entering into a professional career.

IMAQ Startup Projects Group

What we are!

IMAQ Start-up Projects Group (composed of registered legal entities i.e. IMAQPRESS Inc., IMAQ Technologies Ltd and IMAQ Research Ltd) is a Winnipeg MB, Canada based international publishing, technological and research support services group. 


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