I am a Failed Entrepreneur




I am a Failed Entrepreneur’ is the story of personal experiences and challenges of entrepreneurship and setting up a start-up journey in Iran. It is the 6-years story of challenges faced by Dr. Muhammad Irfan-maqsood, a non-Iranian who set-up a technology and knowledge-based start-up company, IMAQ (Ideparvaran Mashregh Qazal) Pvt Ltd, established in 2015, closed operations in 2021 and completely dissolved in 2022.
‘I am a Failed Entrepreneur’ is not the story of failure of Dr. Irfan-maqsood, because there is no failure in entrepreneurship. It is the story of failure of his first start-up company launched in Iran due to several challenges. The chapters of the book, ‘I am a failed entrepreneur’, has explained characteristics of an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship lifestyle and achievements an entrepreneur can have on his/her early phase of entrepreneurship journey. It also explained the personal experiences and all challenges on this road an entrepreneur can face and how to deal the challenges in an efficient way.

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